This is about Tuesday, but I’m writing this on Wed.

So, on Tuesday spend a good part of the morning working through approvals and admin work.    Got really frustrating approving $5 expense reports – so working with Eileen to give each Team Leader signing and release authority for certain limits – so that they are able to make their own approvals.

I had waited for 6 months before making changes after L… departure, so, now that is been 6 months – its time to start making changes.

Had a great weekly team meeting – haven’t been with everyone for a bit – at it was GREAT! meeting.  Everyone is working so well, and moving things forward – real amazing feeling to see everyone doing so well.  What a team!   Very, very cool.     Lots of cool projects moving forward.  I did a couple more changes for next meeting – we are going to start with one word open, and one word close, and we are going to bring in the assistant to take meeting minutes.     Jimmy managed to modify our Sharepoint so that EVERYONE in the company gets to see their ‘tasks’ across all of our tasks on their home page when they go into SharePoint.   Visibility creates accountability and action – I think it will also give everyone a nice feeling that they are in control of their work.

imageAfter the meetings I spend time making the Genie proposal congruent – aligning proposal, scheduleimage and budget.   Its actually very good – because they are not quite congruent yet so this forces me into thinking through everyone from the top level – nevertheless – the concentration level required is quite high – (multi-variable problem solving in your head) – so actually felt a bit mentally tired working it but its going to be very solid and by the time its done, when we go, we are really going to go!  Also, had a quick and dirty logo done for Project Genie.

In the afternoon had a short visit with legal on personal matters – working to close the last little left over piece.  

I have been working on getting a ‘success’ progress icons – Katrina gave me back some ideas – not quite what I was looking for but pretty cool things that I will be able to use in the future.   Beautiful work actually – so cool!

image image image image image


After this day, I was quite tired in the evening – but still managed to get some quality personal time in the evening.   Ended up with 4.5h sleep – up at 6AM – but was quite full of energy, so went for a walk (part of my exercise plan) – and got back into fruit morning and green smoothie.    Have a workout scheduled

IMG_0342It was 20 deg outside – balmy weather by Canadian standards, so I wore shorts – but – that is the most guaranteed way to get the whole population of China staring at you – so as I was walking I must have had 30 or 40 people just stare at this crazy foreigner walking in shorts when its only 20deg outside!

Fruit lunch and green smoothie breakfast.  Should be a good full energy day!

 IMG_0344 IMG_0345