Today started busily and had a general feeling that I wasn’t able to get anything meaningfully done. Was working on a bunch of small things, and basically heavily multitasking. Results where feeling of low productivity and no move forward. in particular in my Chinese classes, I haven’t had the time to review and prepare, so feeling of missing out on cool learning just because of lack of prep time.

So, looking at my schedule again and continuing to work on best way to optimize my time.

The waking up early hasn’t worked so great since then I end up working on just 4 or 5 hours and concentration level goes down, way down. So, 7 hours sleep must be minimum..since then productivity is way through the roof.

So,what did I multi-task on?
Here is the list:
1. Wires and po approvals
2. Small packing discussions
3. Review of new corp. structure
4. Chinese lessons
5. Pa and HR arrangements
6. Corp retreat
7. New pc setup
8. New sound system at home

Basically started many projects but finished none. Not great. Refocus tomorrow.