Another power day

Jan 8, 2010 | Growing Business | 0 comments

Had a very full but productive day today. Day started with trying to wire funds from bank of America to HK. Amazingly difficult, so surprised that us banking system is so poorly setup for international trade. What should have been a 5 minute task consumed 2 hours.

Had a conference call with the boys from Canada and have made excellent progress on a new venture. Solid team and a I get to use my lessons learned on a new startup. Seems like a came walk. Cannot write more details about the data because of the NDA but good things are happening.

Had a follow up meeting with Seve, he designer that helped me decorate my apartment. Amazing how one thing leads to another but he has exactly what I was looking for I term a  of bringing forward new corp. identity, packaging, etc. Brilliant meeting, very cool. Basically we will reupgrade our packaging, marketing collateral, VIP club to work across 100+ new web sites… While at the same time improving the luxury feel.! We were looking at going for lower cost packaging for lower tier customers, but I’m sticking wig he concept of delivering a 1mm experience to $10 customer. So, from branding point of view it’s likely not great as brand differentiation gets diluted but I want every customer, not just the rich one to feel special. Happy customers!

I finished the day getting half way through planning the 2010 retreat. It’s going to be very powerfully, I can tell already.

Ended up evening over dinner with friends, was great fun, easy.

Jen sent me her mediation routine that she had talked to me while i was in Thailand. Her words are below. 8 minutes in the morning…meditation for those in a hurry. Cool stuff. You think about each topic for two minutes, helps focus the day.

Gratitude, Love, Goals & Intentions đŸ™‚


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