Pretty cool day today -EO Retreat. Jade has a traditional Chinese courtyard by the great wall – about 2 hours away from BJ. The whole EO gang including family and kids came out (well not all but quite a few) – it was basically a chill day – with a great home-style Chinese food for lunch – catching up with everyone -and followed by amazing BBQ and bonfire.

Alex came with me and did really really great – she was the oldest kid there – but managed to do great – real treat to have such a cool daughter.

So, very nice day – pretty much chilling with cool people.

One of those days where being next to the Wall – in a tiny village – makes you remember why China is so cool. People, tradition , lifestyle, opportunities and amazing vibe.

On the personal, last phase with L… has started. Nothing unexpected. Am prepared for worst, was hoping hoping for best. Of course best was not realistic but the optimist in me just doesn’t give up. But the realist is well prepared, so things are well on track and path is very clear. Few more tiny bumps and a bit more time, and all will be done. No business impact here – some possible op disruptions – but no impact on strategic level. So, just clean up. Amazingly predictable. A bit sad in just how predictable.

By change met a girl at the party that is a Jewelry buyer / designer. With G… moving aggressively on SilverDevotion, it seems Alex (same name as my daughter but not) could be perfect to complete the SD equation. I just re-watched The Secret last weekend. I’m not religious but when so many things line up out of the blue – as they are here – you just smile and say "Yes!". Bring it on. Ask, Get, Receive. When you surround yourself with positive energy, amazing things happen. So, this day is dedicated to positive energy!

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