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Jun 7, 2010 | Growing Business | 0 comments

Felt a bit of stress today. Nothing in particular but just a lot of small things hitting the radar. Corporate switchovers are a pain and now I’m in the middle of switching over the ownership of Chinese WOFE – bit it seems that if I’m not putting attention on it – it goes slow. So, a bit of frustration that this stuff is not moving faster.

Switching over banking also, and it’s painful – slow – now accounts are getting switched over from PearlsOnly to RedStores – and during the switch the access to PO accounts is locked – and to get RedStores needs back and forth signs between me and HSBC in HK. All physical documents – so couriers – and slow! Ahhhgg. I want it all done fast.

My schedule is full – and I now started to move out non essential things out to give me space to work on high value things.

Looking at pushing more responsibility out to Japan for product selection, product line, QA,etc. Feels like we have this legacy thinking of us thinking that we know best – and we are using the smart people that we have working for us – in this case the Japanese buyer.

I’m moving to push out responsibility and decision making out to Japan – but it just became clear to me that we have been doing this in a control and command model – which does is faulty as it doesn’t allow the people with the best knowledge to make decisions. I guess this is some of the C&C legacy that I need to change – but, again frustrated, that it is I that have to initiate these “radical” changes.

So, I guess Ina way I am doing the CEO thing – pushing changes – reviewing HOW we work – redesigning our philosophy.

The great thing was Gerry and I sat down last night – and went over the Muse strategy – Gerry is on top of it – and that is actually a huge relief that our vision is now in good hands and moving forward.

I’m still going to be focused on financial side for few months – I think that is part of the frustration – it’s low value but essential – and it feels like I’m using my valuable time for things that are non growth related.

So, a bit of a cranky day. Feeling like I want to go faster and things get in the way. IH82WT!

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