Toda was basically a write off.  Didn’t get home till 3:30AM – 4AM in bed.   Up at 9AM – checked for any critical things, canceled any meetings and went to recover.   Though about how lucky I am to hang out with such cool people and how its no longer so lonely on the top.   Reminded me of my days at Metso when entertaining and socializing required a lot of rough mornings – and yet how critical those nights before where in building relationships.  Haven’t done that for a long time – so in a way I feel like I’m back in my zone.

In the evening – took care of some small banking things, looked over critical issues and numbers.  Scheduled a call for a UK conference call about opening up a UK entity.     Came up with a decent plan I think for the ‘standard’ in-country corporate structure.    This would be good as it would enable me to expand into more markets with a same corporate template.