I woke up with a horrible cold, and moved all appointments out and decided to try to make it an easy day.   I’m thinking of dropping out of Chinese for next few months – i have such a heavy schedule ahead of me – that I feel like I’m going to burn out if I continue with too many things.


So, today was a housekeeping,easy day.   Cleanup files, filed info – then in the evening I tuned up my 2010 forecast spreadsheet and my cash flow.  I need to put data into it, but I think I can easily SOP it and then have it coming in as a monthly report for me big


Basically,  cash flow looks ok, and from big picture I’m definitely undercapitalized.   I need access to some cheap, cheap cash for inventory purposes, and then second venture cash for the higher risk activities.   Planning to hit HK banking market in May and shop around for  a deal.

I caused myself a world of grief two weeks ago – instead of sending payment to Amex CC I send it to the Visa – all of a sudden my account is overdue and I’m scrambling to figure out what happened.  Well, basically, the funds got sent to the wrong place.  So,  I had move things around in a hurry from around the world into the Amex card.  Very painful.  But, I was doing all these payment right before I was going to Germany so not surprising that i was distracted.   So it be.


Cold still here, so I’m watching a bit of Caprica and cleaning up the days emails.


The reason for the forecast, is that I can then use it to plug it into Caspers spreadsheet, and come up with my DCF flow, and then able to convert that into shares – and bring on strategic investors.    Doesn’t help me with ‘bulk’ money for inventory, so will need to reach out to some money brokers to figure out how to get cheap cash backed by inventory.

Got the info today on the Harvard program – looks very interesting but its a $100K touch – so not cheap.   Thinning about it tough – probably not right now – but soon would be good.