I had somehow instinctively re-org the company along the line of ‘site rollout’ teams.   I changed the reporting structure to move my most valuable asset, Mina, into executive driver from operations.   About 1 year too late – but better late than ever.      The org chart works and really supports my focus on growth.

Had a great meeting with one of the CEO’s of a local company.   Great conversation – can’t get into details in public – nevertheless – made me think of creative ways to work in China.    I auctioned some actions in terms of looking at moving some of the contracts out to my HK or BVI entity – from CN.   I think it actually makes much more business sense (and is more clear) – need to run it by the guys in the know – to make sure that everything is kosher with those moves.

Spent a good part of my day getting my hands dirty deep into accounting – it was actually good and I really enjoyed the ‘hands on’ perspective.  Instead of getting a line item on Balance sheet – I got to see what when in and how – deeper insights into operations.