Today was an EO meeting and was my turn to present my RedStores. com business plan.   Confidentially rules apply so I cannot share any specific feedback, expect for my own insights.    Basically, Branding/non-Branding  is something I have to work out in more detail and more strategic – and there is certainly a lot of pro’s and con’s for/against various branding strategies.

The more insightful thing that happened that my allergy to gluten showed it self on Tuesday – and pretty much wiped me out.   The big thing out of this – was a clear realization and determination to ensure that my business get structured that so that it can run without me.     I need to to have the flexibility to drop out for long periods of time and things need to move – when I mean move – I mean growth not just operations – operations is achieved already.

I also watched 12 CEO’s dance around the table trying to make decisions.   It was interesting process:

  • 1. Discussion, opinions, debate
  • 2. attempt at consensus
  • 3. final consensus

Right along with the teamwork theory – takes bloody long time to get at a decision – BUT the actual decisions that comes out is ACTUALLY very good.   So, this was a reminder for myself – give people time to debate – its annoying, painful and slow – BUT the results are good.