Very good day today. Senior management meeting today – all nice and smooth. Had G…. join the meeting to give him a flavor of things. It was very, very nice to have him on board. We worked out the details, and basically G…. will be starting tomorrow afternoon as the CTO. So, what this means that I now have all the key functions on the executive level filled. BD, CTO, Finance, HR – and of course great team leads ready to run.

So with this talent on board, and all the pieces coming together quickly, I’m now able to, in very concrete terms plan out the year.

My number of direct reports goes to 4 – and no “holes” from the org chart point of view.

So, this evening, I spent time updating the functional org chart to place the right sections of the business underneath the right person.

M… is going to fully focus on BD. J…. has ops firmly in hand. G…. is going to do an amazing job on the tech side and the web marketing side, and C…. is pouncing on the issues to give us financial visibility. E…. is in her game when it come to HR.

My new PA, B…. Started yesterday….already this evening she is tasked ….. trial by fire.

Had EO board meeting today – we planned out EO budget, targets, etc. Very good solid plans. Adrian is the President this year – and so far he is off to a super start.

This evening I tried to schedule out project for 2010/2011 – was surprise in low little infrastructure work is needed. Basically our infrastructure is now done. Very little to do. So focus will be to bang out lots and lots of sites quickly up

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