Had a very nice weekend.   Mostly spend hanging out and enjoying finer things in life.   On the work side, had a lunch with G… on Sunday.   It went excellent – and it looks like G… will be comming on board. 

Perfect skill set, exactly fits the needs of RedStores and a HUGE plus is that we worked together before and know our strengths and weaknesses – so we both know what we are getting into.

So, with G… onboard – the A team leadership team is now going to be completed.    Now, it will be time for me to focus on my job (being a CEO) – pull myself out out of finance, ops, etc.  – and drive the bus and convert it into the rocket.  

So, looking back the week – as predicted – it was a great week – things went well.

As of this weekend, my emails are down to 0, I’m fully tasked (although not delegated out all the tasks yet) – top focus items are identified – and I’m heading into this week, with a pretty clean plate, quite an open schedule – and huge amount of optimism!