Today was a very operational day.  Didn’t accomplish much strategic planning – but just operational issues.  Arranged for a follow up interview with a potential CFO,  met with the IT team regarding current week.   Re-arranged the org structure with Mina, and picked an Employee of the month.   Then, moved funds around and handled some banking, moving onto looking at SilverDevotion and its performance to date.    Dug around a bit in the ‘analytics’ domain – and need to do a bit more ‘marketing’ on SilverDevotion, so I schedule a couple hours for tomorrow.   PO combined sales for this month look slightly off target BUT cannot judge jet as usually the last few days tend to bring them up – nevertheless I checked out the Analytics to look for any obvious issues – didn’t see anything.   Again, a more detailed study is needed – so I will need to devote a bit of time to this – sometime this week – probably 1/2 day Saturday – when I can have some uninterrupted time.

In terms of Silver Devotion, given then traffic, the sales CR to date is not bad – about 0.7% – and that is fully un-optimized.  Average ticket item is much lower than pearls – so I can see that the marketing game for this site will be a bit different – I got some ideas to try out – BUT first, study the analytics, then act.