You are either…

Oct 3, 2011 | Insights | 0 comments

“You are either part of the solution, or you are part of a problem.”

For sure this saying it not by me, but I like this saying.  

The long take on this, is that you are either making a difference and helping solve problems and issues, or you are adding to them.   Adding to them, can be by passivity, inaction or lack of follow up.

From a business point of view, someone is either helping to get where you are going, or not.     Knowing the above, is not always clear, but I believe that with time it becomes clear.  As managers and executives, our job is shorten the time to determine if someone is part of a solution or part of a problem.    The shorter the time, the better – but to make that call – it comes only with experience.   If someone is part of a problem (and here it can be as simple as inaction, or passivity – hence they are not actually creating a problem) – they go, and go fast.


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