Had a brilliant presentation today from the CEO of BabyCare, Maththew Estes.     The presentation was done under EO Forum rules so I can’t discuss any details, however I can share my own insights.

First,  its amazing to see a true marketer at work – its a thing of a beauty.    The way the marketer thinks, etc.  – and this is not a consumer level but on a very high level demographic level.   Gained some great insights as to rules of thumb about print, media, etc. and advertising efficiency.

Second,  the power of belief needs to be very strong and one has to be decided to overcome whatever the challenge is – basically – there is no such thing as loosing – there is only winning.  If you frame things in that perspective a solution will appear.   I was with Mat at the BMW race track a month ago, I could see how he drove the little Z4’s.   He applies the same thing to his business – its cool.

Third,  the presentation has really encouraged me to think bigger, bolder, faster.   I kept thinking that I really need to make bigger, bolder steps.   

Fourth, the general consensus was that if you could keep VC’s out of your business, so much the better.    This seems to be a re-occurring thing.  Interestingly CEO’s are thinking of VC’s as of different quality ie.  “I”m going to upgrade the quality of my VC’s in my company’  – another words, VC’s are a commodity – and its the CEO’s job to pick the RIGHT VC.    I had always though you were lucky if a VC would look at you, BUT really, its YOU that get to look at a VC – if you have a successful business that is! 🙂