Vision – Journey to a bigger business

A journey of a business making a transition from small to medium, and its various challenges along the way.   I plan to detail my daily thoughts, insights, challenges as I move RedStores from few million to  $125MM.

How it all started

While in Thailand a month ago, I have taken a bit of time to evaluate what I like and what I don’t like.   In a blinding light and Zen like fashion I discovered that my driver is the challenge of invention – growth – freshness.

I have further though about how I LOVE learning about how people like Michael Dell, Donald Trump, Jeff Bozos started their businesses.

I had read their books, and they all seem glossy on the details, and don’t deal with the mental strength required to move things forward.

And so, while in my deep Zen like mediation, I have committed to myself the following:

  1. Morph PearlsOnly business into
  2. Grow into $125MM business in 3 years
  3. Capture this growth and the challenges – document my ups/down/successes/failures on frequent basis.
  4. Enjoy the process of growing a business – with all the things that it has to offer
  5. Write a book about my experience in 3 years.

And so, here is the beginning of my journey (and journal) to growing the company – and the fun that it offers.


Note: Nov 2, 2009:

I changed the goal from 5 year so 3 years.    From slow and steady to fast exciting and invigorating.   Different actions and different energy is coming from me now by simply saying 3 instead of 5.