Who is Paul Lepa

p (1)A marketer at heart, Paul has managed to overcome the challenges of linear thinking from his Electrical Engineering background, to blend technology, sales and marketing into one.    With a focus on ‘getting things done,’ Paul has held various positions bound by the common thread of selling and marketing.    Paul is currently the CEO of PearlsOnly – a niche eCommerce business that operates a number of vertically aligned companies that source, manufacture, market, and distribute pearl jewelry worldwide through their own websites under a number of brands, including their own brand – PearlsOnly.com.   With nearly 500,000 customers in the US and the UK and over $100,000,000 in sales to date –organically grown with an initial investment of $2000 – Paul has proven that there are no limits to what one can do.

Before PearlsOnly, Paul held a number of varied positions, notably as a Senior Account Executive at Telvant, in Calgary, Canada.  Focusing on long-term, long-lead sales over the period of 4 years, Paul was directly responsible for the strategy, pursuit, proposal and negotiation of over 15 large-scale pipeline automation projects – with a combined value of around $40MM USD.   Assembling multi-discipline teams from within Telvant, ranging from R&D staff to C-level executives, Paul would relentlessly battle against competitors – constantly crisscrossing the US – often waking up and not remembering what city he was in on a given day.

While at Telvant, Paul was recruited by ABB and relocated to Manheim, Germany – to take up the post of Director Global Pipeline Solution Unit.   At ABB, Paul was responsible for looking after the marketing and sales of ABB’s Pipelines solutions globally, directing a team of professionals across the globe, including a Chinese section.   Relocating to Europe was a fantastic experience, and exploring Europe from within Europe was a highlight – especially the ability to cruise on the Autobahn at 250km without the threat of a ticket.   However, professionally, shortly after arriving in Germany, Paul realized that climbing the corporate ladder in Germany, although financially rewarding, wasn’t very good for the soul.     When an opportunity presented to relocate to ABB in China – Paul leaped.  However, despite the move, the strong desire to hold one’s destiny in one’s hand persisted. When the opportunity presented itself, Paul resigned from his position with ABB to start PearlsOnly.

Paul holds a B.SC in Engineering with Computer Minor and has completed a number of post-graduate courses in digital filter theory.   In his spare time, Paul likes playing with the latest and greatest electronic gadgets, reading marketing, psychology and business books, fast cars, boating and reading science fiction novels.

Present Day

Paul spends his time between Victoria, Canada and Beijing, China.

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